Excerpts from "THE HIDE AWAY" A NippLife Novel coming soon

                       THE HIDE AWAY by NIPPLIFE


 Jorrdon was headed upstairs when she heard the familiar sound she had become to hate (Reggie’s) voice yelling and talking shit as usual Reggie was Jorrdon’s mother’s boyfriend who she did not like he stood for everything her mother was against at one time until it seems she became a part of it that life the life that she blames took her dads life 5yrs ago. Billy Joe Williams was a loving husband and father to Jorrdon and her older brother Billy Joe Williams Jr he worked hard he owned his own Painting business he had done well he married his high school love Maggie Jorrdon’s mother life was good for the Williams family until may 19th 2010, 9:06 am Mr. Williams was leaving for work when he went outside he saw that his truck was blocked in this was common on 223 street it was one of them damm drug dealers cars as he started to look around two men come out of the house next door running toward the car at the same time Gun Shots ring out from the side of the neighbor’s house one of the males turns towards the house and shoots back hitting the neighbor the other male makes eye contact with Mr. Williams and draws his gun and shoots him point blank they both get in the car and drive off Jorrdon is awaking by her mother’s screaming when she gets out of bed she looks out of her window and see white painter’s pants a crowd is standing around the person and she sees her mother run out the house and collapse still screaming no, no, no, why at that moment 10 year old Jorrdon’s life changed forever life was different Maggie changed Billy Joe Jr changed and Jorrdon changed 3 years went by when there was an arrest made and the two guys were found guilty and giving life it still didn’t erase the pain and empty space she felt at time she started acting out and became distant from her mother who had just let depression take over her for five years until she met Reggie she started drinking and getting high this was not the mother Jorrdon wanted to know and love she was different she knew her mother had to be lonely but why this change in life it’s like she didn’t care Jorrdon worried about her mother being with Reggie because of his reputation he had he was a street guy a con artist a thug he cheated a lot of people out of their money so he was always looking over his shoulder so for him to be with her mom made them targets from his bull shit and just as she feared when she realized what Reggie was yelling about as she walked in the house he was cursing at Maggie and calling her a dumb bitch for talking about some con or some shit he had did I guess Maggie told a friend Reggie had robbed some white guys that were looking for him Maggie kept telling him she did not say anything Jorrdon gets tired of hearing the bullshit so she goes out on the roof from her bed room window it’s about 7pm she put on her head phones and sits there looking at the sky saying give me peace give me peace she notice that Lucas her next door neighbor that everyone thinks is weird is looking at her from his yard and she yells what the hell you looking at creep he looks again and waves she says fuck you she hears a car door slam and then two more she walks on the roof to the side where she can see the front of the house she sees 3 or 4 big white men walking toward her door before she can decide what to do she hears shots a lot of shots then silence she goes back inside her room she can smell gun powder and she can here the men talking and laughing and hears one of the men say that’s what you get for fucking with a loser sweetie guilty by association at that moment Jorrdon knows her mother and Reggie are dead she bumps a table and she hears one of them say what was that check up stairs Jorrdon climbs back onto the roof and jumps down onto her garage and into Lucas’s yard one of the men see her from her window and shoots but misses at that point Lucas see what is happening and he sees Jorrdon hiding behind his garage he gets her attention and is telling to her to stay down he crawls over to her and tells her to follow him they enter his garage through a side door Jorrdon didn’t know too much about Lucas he was strange but she had no one else she was crying yelling Lucas was trying to find out what happened